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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brunch Drunk Love at Bruno's

It's just my opinion, but there are a few things that can help save a meal that doesn't quite live up to your expectations: 1). Good service/atmosphere 2.) The company you're with and 3.) great music. And while having brunch in one of my fondest nightspots with 4 of my favorite people was lovely, the great music spun by the DJ (dressed as Magenta from Rocky Horror) really pushed it over the top.
Especially since it was Halloween weekend.

Monster Mash. Thriller. I Want Candy. (See! Fun times.)

Top Chef finalist and 3-Sum Eats food truck guy Ryan Scott runs Brunch Drunk Love out of Mission nightclub Bruno's on weekend mornings, and was one of the reasons why my friends and I wanted to have brunch here. We drooled over the menu that promised goodies like housemade brioche donuts, mac & cheese spring rolls, and pancakes with bourbon bacon marmalade.

Time Warp. Eyes Without A Face. Psycho Killer. (Brilliant!)

We started with pineapple margaritas which were perfect - sweet and refreshing. And when our orders started coming to the table we all oohed and aahed over the beautifully plated eggs benedict (with wild mushroom ragout & housemade English muffin), biscuits with gravy and Budweiser-braised brisket, and crispy potato cakes.

But somehow the food didn't quite deliver on taste. My friend's pork hash tasted as if it had been showered with salt, and my duck hash (with edamame succotash, horseradish salsa verde & pomegranate) was a funny mashup of textures that was probably a bit too fancy for its own good.

Abracadabra. Somebody's Watching Me. I Eat Cannibals. (It just gets better & better!)

Though the food was a bit disappointing, it was still a treat to spend the morning with good friends in a lively, convivial place where everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves. And personally I was amazed (and pleasantly surprised) as to how different the normally sweaty and filled-to-the-gills Bruno's is by day. It sure cleaned up well!

Ghostbusters. I'm Your Boogie Man. The Addams family theme song. (okay, they didn't play these while I was there, but I just thought I'd add to this already-awesome playlist while I was at it.)



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