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About Us

Hi and welcome to Samiwich & Addiecakes!

We love to eat! And we created this blog to share our eating and cooking adventures with our friends.

Samiwich is a foodie wannabe (and a very frugal one at that) who treks all over the Bay Area checking off her list of must-try restaurants and food items. She'll post restaurant reviews and recipes (when successful) on Wednesdays.

Addiecakes is an avid baker (and aspiring food cart chaser) who never met a recipe/request that intimidated her. Cupcakes, macarons - even a friend's wedding cake - piece of (Addie)cake! Sundays will be her posting day.

Together we'll photograph and write about the cool & interesting things we eat and make, and we also hope to introduce you to a few of our foodie friends (who we will give food-appropriate "foodie" names to) along the way! 

Please post any comments, suggestions and recos - or send us a note at: We'd love to hear from you!

About Samiwich
Favorite foods: noodles/ramen, dumplings, peanut butter, bacon
Not-so-favorite foods: oranges
Fave restaurant(s): House of Prime Rib, Namu, too many others to name!
Anything (restaurant, or food item) you've been dying to try? Dottie's and Mama's...I love a good breakfast, but hate waiting in line
Signature Dish:  still working on it
If I ate noodles every day I still wouldn't get sick of it.
You couldn't pay me to eat a pomelo (which is like the biggest orange ever).
Other interests/hobbies: outfitting my dog Milo, and paddling

About Addiecakes
Favorite foods: sour candy, cupcakes, yaki onigiri, ramen, potstickers, tofu (not stinky tofu!), seafood
Not-so-favorite foods: eggplant, bell pepper, brussel sprouts, anything with alfredo sauce
Fave Restaurant(s): Sushi Sam's, San Tung, Tofu House, Chou Chou (I don't eat out as much as SOMEONE we both know)
Anything (restaurant, or food item) you've been dying to try? No because when I get all crazy about trying things, they turn out to be not worth the wait.
Signature Dish: cupcakes (does that count as a dish?)
If I ate potstickers every day I still wouldn't get sick of it.
You couldn't pay me to eat stinky tofu!
Other interests/hobbies: other than baking, keeping my OCD under control, complaining & practicing my sarcasm.
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