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Baking buddies, dining companions, co-chefs. If there's one thing we love more than food itself, it's food with friends - some of who you'll meet here on this blog!  So we'd like to introduce you to some of our guest bloggers/fellow foodies here. A list that we hope will keep growing as this blog does!

Name: Sharkie Fin Soup
AKA: Sharkie, Henry W.
Also also known as: a pal of Addiecakes and Samiwich's high school classmate
Favorite foods: curry rice, salt & pepper chicken wings, tapas, fried tofu, dim sum
Not-so-favorite-foods: stinky tofu, celery
Fave restaurant(s): Sanraku, El Nuevo Frutilandia, Capital, King of Thai (7th & Clement only), Everette & Jones
Signature dish: curry beef ramen
Culinary role model: my Mom
If I ate noodles every day I wouldn't get sick of it.
You couldn't pay me to eat a durian.
Other interests/hobbies: being at one with nature, paddling, art from unknown artists, SF Giants and SJ Sharks

Name: Peachie
AKA: Michelle L.
Also also known as: a paddling pal of Addiecakes & Samiwich
Favorite foods: sushi, kal bi, pad see ew, frozen yogurt (the tart kind), ketchup, anything with mochi and good texture (kettle corn, most gummi candies, rice crackers, taro, fresh bread)
Not-so-favorite-foods: mushy textured foods like eggplant, oatmeal, and cooked tomatoes (processed sauces are fine), dry foods like potatoes and nuts, runny egg yolks, lamb (and other gamey meat), and most cheeses (I know, I know, I hear that all the time, ok?)
Fave restaurant(s): PPQ Dungeness Island, Marnee Thai, Brothers (Korean) Restaurant, Saigon Sandwiches, Marco Polo Gelato, Bi-Rite Creamery
Anything (restaurant of food item) that you've been dying to try? A real liege waffle, Fredrick's and Mitchell's ice cream, and the Kung Fu Taco Truck because the two Michaels just keep talking about it...and the kimchi burrito too.
Signature dish: mochi muffins or my Dad's original oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Culinary role model(s): can I choose the Food Network? If not then my Dad.
If I ate sushi every day I wouldn't get sick of it.
You couldn't pay me to eat a balut.
Other interests/hobbies: do you want me to list all 27?  I'll just say a good amount of them are arts and crafts related, if you want to know more I have a list on my iPhone!

Name: Pat-strami
AKA: Pat L.
Also also known as: BF of Samiwich's sister
Favorite foods: ramen, poke, pizza, banana cream pie, coffee, white rice
Not-so-favorite-foods: lima beans, Indian food, brown rice 
Fave restaurant(s): don't have a favorite but willing to try any restaurant once
Anything (restaurant of food item) that you've been dying to try? A5 Wagyu beef from Japan (too expensive) and French Laundry (again too expensive) 
Signature dish: gumbo and turkey chili 
Culinary role model(s): My mom, even though she only cooks Chinese food
If I ate pizza every day I wouldn't get sick of it.
You couldn't pay me to eat a rocky mountain oyster.
Other interests/hobbies: cooking, anything outdoors, golfing, making Milo (he's Samiwich's dog) go crazy 

Name: Cast Iron Chef
AKA: pal of Samiwich & Addiecakes, baker of one of Samiwich's favorite cakes ever
Favorite foods: sushi, noodles/pasta, dim sum, asparagus, artichokes, pineapple
Not-so-favorite foods: raw celery, olives (although oddly enough I like olive oil)
Fave restaurant(s): Chapeau!, Baker Street Bistro
Anything (restaurant, or food item) that you've been dying to try? For foods, durian. For restaurants, French Laundry or Kaygetsu
Signature Dish: a tie between marinara sauce and pound cake
Culinary Role Model(s): Alton Brown, Harold McGee, Iron Chef Chen Kenichi
If I ate wonton and ramen (not instant), or or my recently discovered fave: whoopie pies every day I still wouldn't get sick of it.
You couldn't pay me to eat a KFC Double Down
Other interests/hobbies: reading, exercising, perusing the interwebs, photography


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