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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Milo's Birthday

Hello, blog readers. It's Samiwich's dog Milo (foodie name: Chili Pup-per) here. Food (and chasing squirrels) is one of my passions, and while it's true that I will eat almost anything, things that are tough or dry really turn me off.

Like Milkbones, for example.

So when I recently celebrated my 6ish birthday (no one knows my exact age, since I was a "rescue" pup) my family went to great lengths to find me the perfect birthday cake. The winner? A moist, delicious and even people-friendly carrot cake with carob frosting from Nice Doggie dog bakery.

Not everyone knows that chocolate (and onions too, for that matter) are potentially toxic to me and my friends. So I truly appreciated this creation, which was frosted with carob, a nice alternative to chocolate. The cake itself - which was made with ground carrots, whole wheat flour, soy flour and cottage cheese was tender, moist and delicious. I gobbled it up in seconds!

I can't wait to try the other goodies on the menu, like cupcakes that come in great flavors like chicken and bacon. All their treats are handmade to order with all-natural ingredients that even my family can eat too. Not that there was anything left! It was a special birthday, indeed.



Amanda said...

A posting from Milo, what a treat!! Milo, or Chili Pup-per, is the pride and joy of our family! I am his proud auntie, and I go to great lengths to find his birthday cake each year. We finally found a cake he would eat! I picked up the cake in person, it was very easy. If you love your dog as much as we do, you can understand how excited I get over his birthday celebration!

Great posting Milo, I'm so proud of you!

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