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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Star Stream

When I am forced to go to Best Buy here in SF (by MFM, who loves the place), my one saving grace is that afterwards I can feast on tacos al pastor from the El Tonanyese taco truck that is usually parked outside.

But now I have TWO saving graces - thanks to Star Stream, a charming cafe across the street that serves Liege waffles. (Alternately, when I am coerced to go to Fry's, another one of MFM's beloved destinations, there's no redemption AT ALL.)

Here, it's waffles to the rescue. Voted #80 on SF Weekly's 92 Best Dishes, these waffles made famous by the Belgian city are made with turbinado sugar, which carmelizes when pressed in the waffler, resulting in a crunchy, heavenly, sugary bliss. No syrup, whipped cream or toppings necessary. Just pair it with a rich cup of Blue Bottle coffee and you have the perfect post geek-shopping treat.

I also loved their Verde pizza. The crust was light, thin and a nice bit salty and was topped with an argula pesto, roasted fingerling potatoes, pine nuts and a gorgeous, runny egg. A salad made with argula, pickled carrots, tangy vinagrette and served with homemade focaccia was also a winner.

I was too busy filling up on the waffle and pizza and didn't have room to try their baked treats (from same-run bakery Goody Goodie), for which they are also quite famous. With such intriguing-sounding goodies like peanut butter & kettle corn cookies and olive cocoa nib wafers on their menu, I know I'll definitely be back.



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