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Monday, March 01, 2010

Well, hello there!

Hi and welcome to Samiwich & Addiecakes!

We love to eat! And we created this blog to share our eating and cooking adventures with our friends!

Samiwich is a foodie wannabe (and a very frugal one at that!) who treks all over the Bay Area checking off her list of must-try restaurants and food items.

Addiecakes is an avid baker (and aspiring food cart chaser) who never met a recipe/request that intimidated her. Cupcakes, macaroons - even a friend's wedding cake - piece of (Addie)cake!

Together we'll photograph and write about the cool & interesting things we eat and make. And we also hope to introduce you to a few of our foodie friends along the way!

Send any questions/comments/recos our way, we'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading, and happy eating!


sharkie said...

Hi Samiwich and Addiecakes! I look forward to reading about your adventures! woohoo!

Phil Q. said...

peanut butter jelly sandwich time!

LJ said...

Love it!

S-tay said...

How do I subscribe to the blog but not twitter??? = ) Seek out Japadogs. They're bom-bay!!! ~S-tay

Anonymous said...

Awesome sauce! You guys are so funny to create a blog about your food adventures. I look forward to your posts.

I. Yah said...

Nice! Looking forward from reading about your gastronomical adventures.

Sami and Addie said...

@S-tay: You can now add your email to the subscription list. Japadogs, great memories of Vancouver!

Michael said...

Wow what a great idea! You both have what it will take to make this very sucsessful. I will look forward to the updates. Maybe we can have lunch together soon to chat about some photo tips. I would love to help out any way I can. Keep up the great work! Cheers-Michael

Guy Major said...

This sounds like it is going to be a lovely relationship.

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