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Monday, March 08, 2010


You know something is really good when you're still thinking about it hours, days, even weeks after. And that would be me, after my lovely lunch here. Nestled in the industrial Dogpatch area, Kitchenette a is tiny spot that serves up lunches daily from 11:30 to 1:30 or whenever they sell out, which is quite often.

Usually there's three or four options (one's vegetarian) which is posted online daily. Me & my pal Norm, aka Green Guinea Pig Norm (note: we will make every effort to give our friends foodie names, except when they already have an existing alias, like Norm here) both selected the porchetta sandwich and winter citrus-ade. (btw, check out his blog for "green" advice!)

"Yummy" doesn't quite do it justice. The porchetta was cured with capers, garlic, meyer lemon, sage and rosemary, and served with shaved fennel, arugula and aioli on grilled green onion bread. Every bite was a savory, crunchy, unctuous (in a good way) full-of-flavor mouthful. And I'm not a big citrus person, but this piquant combo (meyer lemon, blood orange and lime) was brilliant. Super refreshing and tart.

Luckily me & GGPN were able to score one of the 3 benches right in front of Kitchenette, which is more like a stand than a restaurant. But there were lots of others who just parked it curbsite, enjoying the sunshine and one of SF's incredible and covert (their words) lunch spots.



Unknown said...

Nice. Love the sliced bread rating symbols.

Chowager said...

Very cool and nice descriptive post. Will look forward to reading many more.

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