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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sol Food

I was excited and nervous (as I am when I’m a newbie in a place where regulars obviously know what they’re doing) to try Puerto Rican spot Sol Food in San Rafael. I’d never been, but knew I was in the right place when I drove by and spotted a huge line that snaked out of the restaurant and half way down the block.

In front, we noticed a framed hand-written letter from a miffed San Rafael resident who was greatly offended at the restaurant’s bright green exterior and threatened to stop eating there unless it was repainted. (Hilarious!) Which in turn, made me think of what kind of letter I would write, if I had to.

Dear Sol Food,

I am writing to ask that you add a San Francisco location. My boyfriend and I tried your restaurant for the first time last month and completely loved it. Everything about your establishment – from the vibrant environment to the friendly service to the happy patrons and great value – made for a wonderful experience.

Did I mention it was also our first time having Puerto Rican food? We split the pollo al horno and bistec encebollado and loved every tender, flavorful, garlicky bite. The tostones and plantains were the perfect sweet/savory accompaniment. Your housemade hot sauce should be bottled and sold (oh wait, I think it already is!) And the tangy, zippy limeade served in mason jars (so clever!) was nothing less than a treat.

The only drawback for me is the location, as I am rarely in the North Bay. So again, please consider opening a location somewhere, anywhere in San Francisco. I promise to frequent your business on weekly basis and will encourage all my many friends, numerous co-workers and countless relatives to do so as well.

Sincerely Yours,




Unknown said...
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Chowager said...

Love the letter & post!

Sami and Addie said...

Thanks Chowager! We should go on your next visit up here!

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