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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

House of Prime Rib

Aside from the name-that-cannot-be-named (would that make it a Volde-name*?) that the bf chose for himself, MFM can also stand for a lot of things, including My Favorite Meal. Which would be, hands down, the namesake House of Prime Rib cut with all the fixings at the House of Prime Rib here in San Francisco. Make mine rare, please!

I’ve watched the prices grow through the years but the one thing that thankfully hasn’t changed is the quality or taste of this fabulous meal. Or the experience itself, which always begins with a chilled salad fork and a wonderfully toothsome salad that's tossed and spun tableside. The unique housemade dressing itself is one of the many parts of the meal that I look forward to – creamy and savory with the right amount of seasoning (is that celery salt?). Really yummy.

Then comes the succulent, cut-to-order prime rib surrounded by creamy spinach, buttery mashed potatoes and a puffy fresh-out-of-the-oven Yorkshire pudding to sop up all the luxurious sauce. My sisters prefer the thinner slices of the English cut (the best way to get that “melt in your mouth” experience, they claim) but I’m a fan of the “sink your teeth into” experience of the much thicker House of Prime Rib cut. And MFM always goes for the King Henry, a huge slab of meat that includes the bone.

Over the years little has changed, but on recent visits we noticed a few things – like creamed corn added to the options and a fancy new wine den that now sits where the bathrooms used to be. The waitress was also really excited that the complimentary birthday Polaroid has been upgraded (“we’re digital now!” she exclaimed).

I love that this meal is a yearly (at least) tradition for my family, usually around the holidays. We’ve been going religiously for so many years that we have plenty of “remember that time…” stories stored up to laugh and reminisce about, the most memorable being the one Christmas Eve we saw a gentleman rushed out of the restaurant on a gurney who looked exactly like Santa Claus (not kidding!). That, and the time my Mom ordered the fish (seriously, who does that??).

And that’s just it. In a city full of restaurants where people wait for hours at the trendiest restaurant or to try a new creation by the hottest chef, my heart completely belongs to a place that hasn’t changed for decades. It's a place that does just one thing, and does it remarkably better than anyone else.

*Volde-anything is a registered trademark of Ms. Gorgongzola Gong.



Sami and Addie said...

The last two pics are desserts - apple crisp a la mode and creme brulee. Both were actually pretty good! I really don't know how we had room.

Brendan said...

why didnt u guys bring me?!?

Sami and Addie said...

I'm half of this blog and I didn't get invited either, so don't feel bad.

Sami and Addie said...

Awww, we can go again, Addiecakes and Blam-chop!

Mary said...

I've been following your blog for a while and have never commented. But this post?? This post has done it! HOPR is my ALL TIME FAVORITE restaurant in the entire world!! I've been going there for years and years and I am never disappointed. I always ask for extra creamed spinach with my meal and then when the leftovers are boxed up to take home, I *wink-wink* get more creamed spinach to take home!! I think a trip to the House of Prime Rib needs to happen very soon!!

Sami and Addie said...

@Mary - thanks for reading and for your "wink-wink" tip about the spinach! Gonna try that next time, haha!

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