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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

That's It

If I have time, I like to peruse local food blogs. With SF being such a foodie destination, one of my favorite things to read is when celebrities, dignitaries, famous politicians, etc come to town and where they dine.

And a few months ago, there were a flurry of posts on Anthony Bourdain sightings throughout the Bay Area. Apparently the author/chef was in town filming a new show for the Travel Channel, which is described as featuring “insiders only, off-the-beaten path” type of places. Which also apparently, critics of his previous Bay Area visit (for an episode of “No Reservations”) said didn’t quite deliver.

Having watched that very episode recently, I can’t say I totally agree with the critics who said that show was full of corny, touristy places. (I fully support his inclusion of House of Prime Rib, for one). Plus if it wasn’t for that show, I would never have known about That’s It, home to one of the biggest, most gut-busting tortas I have ever seen.

It’s called the Cubana and it’s easily a sandwich for 2-3 hungry people. It has: a breaded beef cutlet, chorizo, ham, eggs, a hot dog, cheese, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and avocado on a soft roll. Seriously, this sucker is at least 8 inches long and 5 inches high.

It’s also surprisingly tasty. Yes, it’s sodium laden and ingredient-heavy but still manages to deliver discernable flavors and textures (crisp lettuce, creamy avocado). I’m a fan! Amazingly, MFM ate it all by himself while a friend and I shared a (also ginormous) chicken cutlet sandwich – which was also good.

Located in a liquor store on a busy Mission corner, you might not realize this haven for huge sandwiches exists. Enter the store and to the right there’s a counter in front of a small grill. You place your order and the friendly torta lady (I read on a blog that her name is Alicia) makes your sandwich. The store is tiny - but if you're lucky you can score one of about 4 seats to enjoy your meal.

It's not a place you can eat every day, but I'd go back again, especially if I was very, very, very hungry.



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