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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm Chinese, and ordering dim sum at any other time of the day besides morning/early afternoon always struck me as a bit strange, and out of custom. Some people do it, as some restaurants serve it. And I'm sure it's just as good (if not a little lacking in freshness.)

Which made me wonder about newly-opened
Kasumi, who only serves ramen during lunch. I'm not sure if it's a Japanese-custom thing, or a Kasumi-thing, but I do suspect the staff would be richer if they got a nickel every time someone tries ordering non-lunch ramen. Which includes both me & Addiecakes'. In fact, we watched the party next to us get up and leave when they discovered that ramen wasn't on the dinner menu.

They should have stayed. Because the izakaya-style food served in the evenings is fun (who doesn't enjoy eating food on skewers), nicely presented, and delicious. Highlights include bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms (and who doesn't enjoy bacon), fresh and nicely-seasoned salmon/tuna poke, and a very interesting and delicious broth-poured-over-rice dish called ochazuke.

Luckily, our first visit to Kasumi was during the daytime, and we tried and liked the ramen (shoyu for me, and spicy-miso for her). The soup was tasty (if not a little lacking in depth and flavor as some other ramen spots we've tried) and the noodles had a nice, chewy bite. The accompanying gyoza and chicken karaage were fine, too - though I'd probably try other appetizers on my next visit.

Kasumi is run by the same folks who own Shabu House in the Richmond (one of Addiecakes' favorites) and the service is great. In fact, it was a very sweet and knowledgeable server who kindly informed us that the bamboo vases on each table were receptacles for the neatly storing used yakitori sticks, instead of littering the table, as we had been doing. It was a Homer (D'oh!) moment for sure. Well, now we know!



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