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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In college, my roommate and bff (whose last name is Whang, so henceforth her foodie name shall be Whangers & Mash) gave me many nicknames, including Repeat Performance and Broken Record. While I think this may have been a jab at my tendency to do the same things over and over, I prefer to think of it as a nod to just being really, really consistent. Which brings me to Potrero Hill breakfast/lunch spot Plow. I attempted to go here 3 times, 3 weeks in a row. I couldn't help it. It's a place that's so good, you want to go to over and over and over again.

There are so many things to love about this place, which opened a few months ago in a former architectural firm's space, starting with the warm, homey decor and pleasant, friendly service. Then you check out the menu and see simple comfort food with the volume turned up to just the right level to get your attention. Like pancakes with lemon and ricotta, and a fried egg sandwich with artisan applewood smoked bacon and aoili. Even their toasted English muffin drizzled with honey and house made peanut butter sounds special.

I'm normally not a lamb person, but the roasted lamb sandwich was tender and garlicky, and their strawberry rhubarb cobbler made a rhubarb fan out of me. And you must, must, must try the potatoes (recently voted #69 on SFoodie's list of best things to eat in San Francisco) which are hot and crispy on the outside - soft and billowy on the inside. (See photo #7 above for how they start off, my guess is that they are deep fried to a delicious perfection right after this.)

One thing not to love? Well, it's tiny. Which means long waits, and cozy (bordering on cramped) tables parked right next to each other. Reservations are not accepted so my advice would be to go early, like really early - especially on a weekend.

On my last visit, I sat at the counter and watched the two cooks and owner Maxine Siu dart back and forth across the teeny tiny kitchen like one seamless, perfectly oiled machine. I'd give this place 4 and a half sandwiches, 2 thumbs up and a standing ovation, if I could.



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