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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Perilla DTR

The deets: Five-spice chicken and garlic noodles at Vietnamese spot Perilla in the inner sunset.

It was a pleasant surprise since I always thought I hated five spice. But this tender, perfectly-spiced chicken and garlickly, buttery pile of noodles were the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time.

We went for the aforementioned garlic noodles and chicken, which apparently is heralded enough to warrant it’s own sign (see pic above). The garlic noodles are exceptional - chewy, buttery and flavorful - and I've tried a lot of garlic noodles!

I'd go back for the dish above, in fact I did three times in one month. (See post about my college nickname here.) The imperial rolls were also tasty.

But next timeI'll try to sample other dishes. My friends' BBQ shrimp plate and beef pho looked really good (they seemed to like it!).

Tips and/or tricks? Well, if you have one for parking in that area, let me know.

I left thinking about what exactly is in five spice? And what is a perilla? (It doesn't sound Vietnamese).



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