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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good Foods Catering's All Bacon Dinner

While foodies may say that bacon has become passe, I say the more, the merrier. Especially when it comes to a special pop-up dinner featuring four courses of this salty, smoky treat.

I've had some interesting things with bacon in the past: bacon jam, bacon chocolate, and bacon doughnuts. And I've read about some interesting things that I hope to try in the future: bacon martinis, bacon & egg popsicles, and a dish at Chicago's famous Alinea that's been described as a "bacon trapeze."

Unfortunately this much-antipated all-bacon dinner didn't deliver any of those squeals or surprises. But I can't complain about this fun evening spent with good friends, good booze and my beloved bacon.

Held at the Coffee Bar, which normally closes in the early evening, this special menu was created by Good Foods Catering and promised 4 courses, all starring bacon. It began with a hearty, creamy cauliflower soup that was inflected with onion, thyme, and of course, bacon.

The second dish was a salad of grilled romaine with sweet tomatoes, a red wine vinagrette, and bacon fried bread. I don't think I'm a fan of grilled lettuces in general, and while the bacon bread was tasty, the dish felt sort of heavy and weighed down.

I liked the main course, a slow roasted lamb with preserved lemon gremolata and bacon chickpea puree a little better - though it seemed to be proclaiming "garlic" more than "bacon" to me. And my favorite dish of the night was the dessert - a brown sugar cornmeal waffle with a bacon bourbon sauce. It was the perfect blend of creamy, salty, cakey, and sweet.

The setting was lovely - we sat at huge communal table in a cozy corner that felt both intimate and relaxed. The charming and gracious chef came around the dining room a few times to make sure everyone was enjoying their meals. He joked that he likes to asks "is everything ok?" while people's mouths are full stuffed with food, on purpose. Which in my case, happened quite a bit that evening.



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