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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


There are a few things that I'm currently obsessed with right now: 1). Any and all discount, coupon and group buying sites. 2). Storage Wars (especially Brandi and Jarrod). and 3). Poutine (the yummy fries+cheese+gravy dish pictured above).

And it's not just me - a recent 7x7 article says poutine has become "posh" - and is making its way (from Canada) onto a bunch of San Francisco menus. The Salt House's version has cheddar cheese and short-rib gravy. Tyler Florence puts shredded braised short ribs and truffle jack cheese on his at Wayfare Tavern. But my first introduction to Canada's national dish was recently at new gastropub Jasper's Corner Tap House. Which made me wonder why I've never had this brilliant creation before.

I've visited Canada a handful of times and somehow it has eluded me every time. Until Jasper's - where their fries has its own separate menu/checklist. First you select what kind of potato - thin, thick or sweet. Then you select what seasoning - sea salt, salted paprika, garlic or truffle oil/parmesan. Then you can opt to have it served poutine style, topped with creamy cheese curds and rich, savory mushroom gravy. My order was: thick, truffled, and poutine-style. The result is a rich, warm, comforting bowl of deliciousness. Seriously, I took my first bite and couldn't stop .

I was also really impressed with the rest of Jasper's offerings. Depending on what kind of meal you're in the mood for, you can order drinks and small bites from their bar menu, or sit down in their (quieter) dining area and enjoy a nice dinner. Because of my aforementioned obsessiveness, I had to try both (in one week).

Hits? I loved the pressed chicken, which was a thin, well-seasoned cutlet of chicken with polenta and mushroom ragout, and the griddled wagyu beef burger with bacon onion marmalade was also quite tasty. Another thumbs up for their drink menu, which included a huge range of beers, wines and creatively-concocted cocktails (I forgot the name, but I had one that tasted just like an orange Creamsicle). Ever hear of sour beer? That was another first for me. Fans of this tart, slightly fruity beer will have a bunch of selections to choose from.

Misses? Well, the chorizo, leek and cider-infused mussels could've packed a little more flavor, and the recommended "black and tan" (a dessert with fudge, peanut butter mousse and Guiness whipped cream) was a little too sweet for me. And the trio of deviled eggs - including a "Caesar's Salad" and a romanesco flavored one were just ok - though a lot fun to eat.

Overall I have to say I really, really like this place.

And is it just me, or are deviled eggs also becoming posh these days?



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