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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Community Garden

There's a lot near my house that's been empty, weedy and lonely for as long as I can remember. But on a recent walk with my dog, we noticed a sign that a community garden was coming. And on a whim, I signed up with MFM to participate.

Even though I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

Not only do I have zero gardening experience (and a bad track record with living things in general) but I happen to live in one of the windiest, foggiest areas in the City. MFM's just excited that he has another excuse to go to Home Depot and buy tools.

Sponsored by our neighborhood community group, the 1st meeting was held a few weeks ago and we were among a handful of others who signed up for a 12 x 4 foot plot.

The ground rules are simple: we can grow anything we want, but forfeit our space if untouched for 30 days. We learned the top soil, irrigation system and tools are being donated, and talked about what might/might not grow. Tomatoes? No. Roses and lettuce? Maybe. Catcus and herbs? Probably.

MFM and I are thinking about some kind of vegetable/herb combo, so it's sort of food-related, right? So I thought it'd be fun to post about the before, during and after here on this blog.

The pictures above are the "before" and the "during" happens next week at our first work "party," where we'll build the wooden plots, start planting and have a potluck bbq. (It feels very
Parks & Recreation!) So stay tuned, it should be interesting!


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