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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Skillet DTR

At my job we use a lot of acronyms, some of which to this day I'm still not 100% sure what they mean (but I waited way too long and can't ask what they mean now). But in this case, it just means I didn't have time to write a formal review, but still wanted to post something.

Also at my job, when we don't have time for a formal meeting but still need the face time, we'll do a quick, informal one and call it a "drive-by". So that's what I was thinking of when writing this post, only since it's food, it's more of a "drive-through" than a "drive-by." So here's our first DTR, or Drive-Through Review.

The deets: Lunch at Little Skillet.

It was a gorgeous Thursday afternoon, and a long time since I had lunch with pals K, W and Ms. Gorgongzola.

We went for the chicken and waffles, which their parent restaurant (Farmer Brown) does fabulously.

I'd go back for the tender, juicy fried chicken, the sweet, cakey waffles, and the seriously addicting brown sugar & black pepper biscuits (not shown).

But next time I'd skip the grits, which were disappointingly plain and flavorless.

Tips and/or tricks? You can call in your order to skip the wait, but we thought everything might've tasted better if it were made on the spot, instead of waiting for us when we got there.

I left thinking about the bite of bacon-wrapped waffle dog I stole from Ms. Gorgongzola, and just how great sitting on the sidewalk, eating out of boxes, laughing with your friends, and the first moments of spring all go so well together.



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